18th Asian Junior Individual Championships 2011

168 players from 15 countries came to Amman, Jordan for the 18th Asian Junior Individual Championship – the entries being a record number for an Asian Championship, senior or junior.

The Under-13 and Under-17 age categories have been added to the existing Under-15 and Under-19.





The tournament is open to all Asian juniors provided the player is not banned by the Asian Squash Federation. Each player can enter only ONE division in his / her age category or in a higher age category, if so desired. There will be a maximum draw size of 32 for each category.

21.06.11 - 'First day Highlights'

After the spectacular opening ceremony last night the contenders began their first day of competition in high spirits. The Squash complex was bustling with players and supporters. 93 matches were played, each with its own intensity and excitement judging by the cheering crowd.
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20.06.11 - 'The 18th Asian Junior Individual Squash Championships kicks off in Amman'  

Under the patronage of HRH Prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal the 18th Asian Junior Individual Championship kicked off in Amman - Jordan with the participation of 169 players from 15 countries representing Japan, India, Qatar, Malaysia, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Singapore, Korea, Lebanon, Iran and host country Jordan.
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22.06.11 - 'Day 2 of the 18th Asian Junior Individual Championship'

The morning started with the quarterfinals of Boys under 13. In the first match the number one seed Mohd Mukhtar from Malaysia had no problem at all downing Aryaman Adik from India in straight games. In the second quarterfinal match Ranjit Singh scored an easy win over Hamad Al-Amri from Qatar 3:0. The local star Mohammad Alsarraj beat Robin Mann from India 3:0 while the unseeded Shamil Wakeel from Sri Lanka continued his drive toppling the 5/8 seed Solomon Ravi from India in straight games.
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23.06.11 - '3rd Day of 18TH Asian Junior Individual Championship' 

The quarterfinals all ended this morning setting the stage for tomorrow’s much anticipated semifinal battles.
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 24.06.11 - 'Semi-finals of 18th Asian Junior Individual Championships 2011' 

Results of semifinal battles.
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 26.06.11 - 'The finals of 18th Asian Junior Individual Championships 2011' 

The 18th Asian Junior Individual came to an end last night with everyone singing the praises of Jordan Squash for an excellent job done.
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   Photos of top 4 placings in each age category

   See all photos from left to right and read list from top to bottom

     BOYS UNDER-19

     BOYS UNDER-19
      Mahesh Mangaonkar(IND) - 3rd
      Ramit Tandon(IND) - Runner-up
      Danish Atlas Khan(PAK) - Champion
      Nasir Iqbal(PAK) - 3rd

      GIRLS UNDER-19

      Tan Yan Xin(MAS) - 3rd
      Tsz Wing Tong(HKG) - Runner-up
      Anaka Alankamony(IND) - Champion
      Aparajitha Balamurukan(IND) - 3rd

      BOYS UNDER-17

     BOYS UNDER-17
      Kush Kumar(IND) - 3rd
      Ahmad Khaleel Alsaraj(JOR) - Champion
      Syed Ali M Bukhari(Pak) - Runner-up
      Tayyab Aslam(Pak) - 3rd

      GIRLS UNDER-17

      Sue Ann Yong(MAS) - 3rd
      Ka Po Ho(HKG) – Champion
      Saumya Karki(IND) – Runner-up
      Ka Hei Chu(HKG) - 3rd

      BOYS UNDER-15

     BOYS UNDER-15
      Tsun Hei Yuen(HKG) - 3rd
      Mohd Syafiq Mohd Kamal(MAS) – Champion
      Ng Eain Yow(MAS) – Runner-up
      Darren Ti Luun Chan(MAS) - 3rd

      GIRLS UNDER-15

      Adya Advani(IND) - 3rd
      Uen Shan Choi(HKG) – Champion
      Jadeleen Lee Jiaee(MAS) – Runner-up
      Aika Azman(MAS) - 3rd

      BOYS UNDER-19

     BOYS UNDER-13
      Ranjit Singh(IND) - 3rd
      Mohd Farez Izwan Mohd Mukhtar(MAS) – Champion
      Mohammad Alsarraj(JOR) – Runner-up
      Shamil Wakeel(SRI) - 3rd

      GIRLS UNDER-13

      Zoe Yuk Han Foo(MAS) - 3rd
      Andrea Jia Qi Lee(MAS) - Runner-up
      Sivasangari Subramaniam(MAS) - Champion
      Satomi Watanabe(JPN) - 3rd