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28th January 2011, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan Air Force has been a driving force behind sports promotion in Sri Lanka for many years - with squash to the fore. Indeed, thirty years ago it was Air Force officers who initiated the formation of the national squash body.
More recently in early 2009, as soon as the internal strife that had affected the country abated, they were at it again. At the Ratmalana base close to Colombo the Air Force started to lay plans for a squash centre. Not a couple of courts but a full blown six court complex, all with tiered seating and accompanying facilities.
Air force personnel drew the plans, arranged the tenders for courts and everything else and got it built.

While floods meant that the near completed building was submerged under a few feet of water, that obstacle was put behind them and in October 2010 the centre was inaugurated. The sound of squash balls could be heard, the fans in the ceiling started to turn. Perfect timing for the third Asian Junior Championships currently taking place.

Asian Squash Federation Vice president Srivatsan Subramaniam was lavish with his praise. 'The centre is laid out beautifully with local materials very well used . it really is a prefect venue for the Asian Juniors', he said.

Not surprisingly, Sri Lanka SRA President Oliver Guruge is elated to have the new facility on stream. 'We now have a big base for squad training and tournaments; but more than that we are very grateful to the Air Force for generously giving us the green light for making the facilities available in the afternoons for local schools, none of which have their own courts. Maybe 12 schools a week will be able to benefit'.

But this week he has even more to thank the Air force for. Between flying transport planes this week they have provided operational support for the Asian Juniors too.

The Sri Lanka SRA can truly say that the force is with them!